14 Jul 2023

Mimi Takes Five - #257

ONE // Candy Run
I had been craving sour gummies for a little while now, so managed to convince my husband to go on a Bulk Barn candy run, ha ha! We don't do this often, but when we do, we go overboard... We loaded up on an assortment of sour candies and have been enjoying them all week! I'm partial to sour sugar-coated gummies so got some sour peaches, sour cherries, sour grapes, sour berries, sour gummy worms, cola bottles and sour bananas. I also added in some hot lips for good measure! Oh, I also did get some gummy frogs to balance out the sour. It's all about balance (she says as she's loading up on sweets!) I treated myself and feeding my sweet tooth was worth it!

TWO // Glamorous
I stumbled upon this show on Netflix and was sold the minute I saw Kim Cattrall. The show is like a mash-up of Sex and the City, The Devil Wears Prada and Ugly Betty. The premise is about a makeup counter worker getting an assistant job with the director of a major beauty company. There are a lot of dynamics at play around office politics, interrelationships between colleagues and the management power struggle. I'm loving the main character Marco and how his arrival at the company during a crucial time is playing out. It's a great show with nuance and developed supporting characters. It's a great, easy, feel-good show to watch!

THREE // Barbie Girl Summer Playlist
I was getting a bit bored with my current playlist, that is until I stumbled upon this one created around the vibes of the new Barbie movie coming out next week! It's fun, upbeat and keeping me going during my work days. I'm even considering playing it on full blast when I do some cleaning tomorrow... My husband did say that it didn't care what music I played throughout the house if I was cleaning. This pretty much gives me carte blanche, right? This playlist is a good mix of oldies with Abba, the Beach Boys and Aqua and some newer jams from Dua Lipa and Beyoncé. There really is a good mix of energetic tunes that are sure to get you tapping your foot, bobbing your head or flat out dancing with your feather duster! It's exactly the kind of summer energy I'm looking for!

FOUR // Harry Potter Bookstagram
I love finding new accounts to follow and a recent favourite is @jessdreamsofmagic. It's no secret that I'm a Potterhead, so am particularly partial to magical content and what Jess creates is pure magic to me! Not only does it appeal to my potter side, but also to my love or colourful organized note taking. She creates these little snippet videos of Harry Potter quotes, using the audiobook (or sometimes movie) voiceover while highlighting and doodling the popular quotes. She creates the most perfect little escapes. It's so simple, yet is often just the dose of Potter I need throughout the day. Her Potter books must be a real delight to flip through and read!

FIVE // KJP Fall Sweaters
Alright people, brace yourselves because the Kiel James Patrick fall sweaters are here! These are by far the most amazing knit sweaters for fall. They have some for all seasons, but their fall and holiday line-ups are to die for! I have two of these sweaters and they are my most favourite autumnal pieces. The Cozy Pumpkin Fair Isle sweater is simply precious and the Big Cozy Fall Leaves pattern is quintessentially fall. I think what I love most about these sweaters is that they are legitimately beautiful and not kitschy. I see myself wearing these for years to come and they make the perfect layer over a plaid flannel shirt. There is also a great selection of more spooky offerings if Halloween is your thing. If you like them, now is the time to buy because they sell out fast!

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