11 Nov 2016

Poppy Red


Remembrance Day is upon us. I only find it fitting to wear black for this somber event and a hint of red, to match with the poppy, of course. Growing up, I was an Air Cadet and it really instilled in me an appreciation for what the previous generations sacrificed for us. I always take a moment to remember that on November 11. I also have a brother who is in the Armed Forces and am tremendously proud of his service to our country. I really admire his bravery and sense of duty. So for past and present generations, I wear the poppy proudly and remind myself of how lucky I am to live in Canada.

Jeans: Old Navy | Sweater: Banana Republic Factory | Earrings: Old Navy | Necklace: Dynamite | Cape: Zara | Scarf: Excite | Tuque: Dynamite | Mittens: Dynamite | Boots: Steve Madden

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