18 Nov 2016

Light Edge


Today's outfit has an edgier feel, but in a soft colour palette. A neat trick in trying edgy styles, while being unsure of the harshness of certain items, is to try them in a lighter hue. It will soften the "edge" factor, all while upping your street cred (style wise)! I'm loving the leather moto jacket lately, and although I have a black one, this light grey is perfect for a softer, more feminine touch. I'd feel comfortable wearing this around my grand-mother without completely losing my style identity. It would be inoffensive, so to speak, and let me express myself all at once: a win-win situation! My grandma is pretty cool though, so even a full-on edgy black moto jacket would be fine around her. I pulled the colour palette for my look from the scarf. Soft pink and grey is a fail-safe colour combination and the white skinnies really keep it light and bright. It worked for fall, but on second thought, it might have been a better look option for springtime. I just might repeat this look in a few months...

Jeans: Old Navy | Camisole: Smart Set | Sweater: Smart Set | Necklace: Dynamite | Earrings: Ricki's | Jacket: BLANKCNYC (Nordstrom) | Scarf: Old Navy | Boots: Aldo

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