6 Nov 2016

Show Room Style


There have been a lot of meetings and showroom visits lately. Designing an entire house in a very tight timeframe is no small feat... Especially when you are starting from the bare bones, it takes a lot of imagination! Today, we were headed to the cabinet makers to pick out finishing touches for the kitchen cabinetry such as colour and hardware. We also picked out a countertop and got to see the 3D version of our design on a computer program. Things are starting to take shape, on paper at least. Permits sure do take a while to come through. I hope it's sooner rather than later, seeing as we've already had our first snow fall. Weather is a factor when you have an entire wall and a roof to replace... I opted for a comfy-casual outfit of printed pants, sweater and blanket scarf. You really can't go wrong with the fall uniform!

Pants: Old Navy | Sweater: Smart Set | Scarf: Shiraleah (Nordstrom) | Earrings: Old Navy |Coat: H&M | Boots: Yoki

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