30 Nov 2016

Cool Shorts

I love layering; that's no secret. But what people tend to forget about it is that layering is not only for the top half of the body. I'm a huge fan of wearing skirts with tights in the winter, so it's not a far stretch to wear shorts with tights, right? The only tricky part is that I personally feel this technique works best with thicker material shorts, and darker colours. I got these Banana Republic shorts last summer, but did not get a chance to wear them before the fire... They came back from the cleaners (tag still on) and I decided to grab them during my fall selection, hoping I would finally have the opportunity to wear them. Since the material is on the thicker side, and the cool colour palette lends itself well to dropping temperatures, I styled them with patterned tights and a cable-knit sweater. The icy grey sweater and darker grey tights help make the shorts the true focus of the outfit. I added a pop of colour with the pendant to tie the look together. I know it's unconventional, but I like how this trick helps me get away with wearing shorter shorts at work. The tights keep it all appropriate, since no skin in showing. It's less chocking to the more conservative. I would still suggest you proceed with caution before trying out this technique at work. Make sure to check your dress-codes...

Shorts: Banana Republic | Sweater: Banana Republic Factory | Necklace: Ricki's | Earrings: Callura | Tights: Sculptz | Coat: Esprit | Faux-fur stole: Banana Republic | Boots: Aldo

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