5 Nov 2016

Silver Layer


I don't follow the "Don't, wear white after Labour Day" nonsense. As luck would have it though, I decided to wear white jeans during the first snowfall of the season. Not the best idea, considering the slush I had to walk through. I've got lovely little slush stains on the back of the pant legs... Nothing a wash won't fix, but it does tell me this was not the best day to wear white jeans. However, it was cold, so my top layers were a good call. The best way to dress down a glitzy, shiny sweater is by pairing it with a casual shirt. I chose chambray for the contrast-factor. Super dressy vs. super casual, it was a match made in heaven! Plus, it kept me nice and cozy all day. I think it's time to take out the heavy artillery: winter gear!

Jeans: Old Navy | Shirt: Old Navy | Sweater: RW&CO | Earrings: (gift) | Hat: Old Navy | Jacket: Dynamite | Booties: Zara

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