17 Nov 2016

TBT - Ice Queen

I had worn this icy grey look to a work Christmas party a few years back. This outfit was styled before Frozen came out but, in hindsight, I like to think it could have been inspired by the Snow Queen with its white, light grey and shimmery touches. It is definitely a winter colour palette and it's fresh and simple, yet totally festive! This dress is actually strapless, but by wearing a cardigan over top, it gives the illusion it's a skirt all while keeping me warm. The more I look at this outfit, the more I like it. I would even dare repeat this look, if only I still had the cardigan, sweater and earrings... Those pieces were unfortunate casualties of this past summer's ordeal. I'm sure I could adapt it thought and still manage to wear a very similar look. Let's see what I can come up with by getting a little creative!

Dress: Jacob | Cardigan: YAL | Belt: Jacob | Bracelet: MEXX | Earrings: (old) | Tights: Old Navy | Flats: Old Navy

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