29 Nov 2016

Leather Lovin'

Some days just start off on the wrong foot... I made a run in my tights first thing this morning and knew it would be one of those days. I figured I'd wear a witty graphic tee to make my mood known to all. If you want to have a good day, please avoid crossing paths with me (said in the most tactful way possible). In comes the "Be nice or go away" shirt! It's straight to the point, and tells it like it is! Plus, I don't actually have to utter a single syllable! Seeing as I was feeling a little less goody-goody today, I figured a leather mini skirt and back-seem tights fit the bill. I added a black blazer and pumps to tone things down a bit and give the look more structure for work. Let's just say, I was ready for happy hour once 5 o'clock came around!

Skirt: Dynamite | T-shirt: Zara | Blazer: Jacob | Earrings: Callura | Tights: Sculptz | Shoes: Zara

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