21 Nov 2016

Blushing Olive

So, I figured sweater weather was here to stay, therefore I wore jeans and a sweater today. Turns out I was wrong, it was way too hot for a sweater, never mind the winter outdoor accessories... I was dressed for -12 when in reality it was 12 degrees! It would appear the forecast is very mild this week, unusual for this time of year. I guess I won't complain, seeing as the entire roof of my house is being replaced this week. I'm happy Mother Nature is throwing us a bone! I'll just be sure to check the weather before automatically piling on the winter gear. Even though I was a bit on the warm side, I'm loving this combination of blush pink and olive. It's sweet, yet unexpected!

Jeans: Zara | Sweater: Old Navy | Earrings: Zara | Scarf: Old Navy | Coat: Reitmans | Tuque: Dynamite | Mittens: Dynamite | Booties: Very Volatile

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