15 Sept 2023

Mimi Takes Five - #266

ONE // Apple Picking
I upheld my tradition of going to the apple orchard and picking my own apples this year. I had made plans with a dear friend and we had a wonderful time. The weather was touch and go in the days leading up to it (from heatwave to downpour) but we got lucky and it was a beautiful warm, sunny day. We went first thing in the morning while it was less crowded and snapped a few photos along our stroll through the orchard. We each picked our basket of apples and grabbed some apple cider on our way out. We then went back to mine to bake a pie. It was such a wholesome day! I mean, it doesn't get better than spending a day with a great friend and baking something from scratch!

TWO // Seafoam Sweater
I'm really looking forward to sweater-weather arriving because I'm just itching to pull out all of my knitwear. In anticipation, I added this chunky seafoam cardigan to the collection. I've worn it a couple times already as it's a great transitional colour. I like it with beige and tan for the end of summer, but it also goes so well with burnt orange and browns for fall. I'm even thinking it will transition well into winter paired with deep purples and burgundy. Very pleased with this new addition to my wardrobe!

THREE // Wooden Mushrooms
This year, I was on a mission to incorporate mushroom elements into my fall décor. I've got pumpkins and leaves covered, but was lacking touches of fungus. Well, let's just say I took this idea and ran with it. On one of my first forays into fall decorations in July (yes, I managed to convince my husband to go to Homesense), we came across these fabulous wooden mushrooms. We have a lot of wooden elements in our everyday décor, so these would fit right it. This was my first fall purchase of the year and I was so pleased to actually find something I was looking for (and that my husband was on board with the idea too!) 

FOUR // Outdoor Movie Night
My husband got a projector at some point last year but we'd only ever used it the one time. Well, he came across it again recently and we decided to have an outdoor movie night. Now that the sun is setting sooner and that the temperatures are more bearable, turns out it's the perfect season for outdoor movies! We set up the screen on our trellis and arrange our patio chairs to face the screen. Add in some cushions, blankets and snacks and you're all set for a night out in the backyard! Our little string lights are also great to set the mood and light up the patio while we are setting up. Then we just turn them off during the movie. It's so fun, we've already tone it twice!

FIVE // Fall PocketBac Holders
A new obsession of mine since the pandemic has been Bath & Body Works PocketBac Holders. Now that I carry hand sanitizer with me at all times, it's crucial that it looks cute (and seasonal). I've gotten a few over the last year or so, but this fall's lineup is the best! They usually have a cute pumpkin spice coffee drink one. This year it looks like an iced PSL, but I already have a PSL from a past season. My blingy ghost from last year is back with a few other spookier options. However, I was more into the regular fall offerings. I ended up getting three new one... The green mushroom, the blingy pumpkin and the little fox. I was also tempted by the squirrel, but had to show some restraint. Overall very pleased with my new doodads and they bring a smile to my face every time I sanitize.

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