29 Sept 2023

Mimi Takes Five - #268

ONE// Soup Season
I'd had butternut squash on my grocery list because I was craving a hearty fall soup. As a rule of thumb, I love squash of all varieties. However, when it comes to making a velvety fall soup, the butternut reigns supreme. This past weekend, on the official first day of fall, I made my soup. I didn't follow any recipe, just used my intuition and palate. My husband kept, cleaned and roasted the seeds (his favourite part of any squash!) that we then sprinkled on top of our soup. I love the golden colour of this soup and it just tastes like fall. So happy that comforting soup season is upon us! Already thinking about which one to make next. 

TWO // Mushroom Mug
One of my favourite mushroom acquisitions of the season has got to be this adorable toadstool mug! I had spotted it at Simons on one of my lunch breaks and it was love at first sight. I had actually managed to walk out of the store without purchasing it, but had messaged my sister about it. The next day, I couldn't stop thinking about it and my sister said that I should treat myself and just get it. My husband said the same thing when I wouldn't stop talking about it, ha ha! So I did just that! I love how the top pops off. It's great to keep your drink warm or to sit your tea bag in when done steeping. It's not just cute, it's functional!

THREE // New Hairstyle
I have long hair and am always looking for new ways to style it. When growing up, my dad used to always say that I could have long hair as long as it wasn't covering my face. That was never an issue for me as I always wore it tucked behind my ears when loose or my mom would style it. I guess I never dropped the habit because I loath having strands of hair in my face. I tried bangs a few times and it never stuck. I don't even like face-framing tendrils - they just bug me. All that to say that I came across this new-to-me way to style my hair. Bonus - it allows me to showcase my extensive bow collection. It's a relatively simple style to achieve with a topsy tail and two braids. I tried it out this past week and loved it! Will add it to my rotation of styles.

FOUR // Teal Scarf
My passion for pretty printed scarves knows no bounds. I find a jaunty scarf can add so much flair to an outfit in an effortless kind of way. It just gives you major style points!  While very elegant, I do find a cute neck scarf actually helps keep me warmer during the colder seasons. I tend to wear them more in my hair or on a bag handle in the summer months, and around my neck in the fall/winter. My recent acquisition is this pretty geometric teal scarf. I didn't have one in this colour palette, so it's a welcome addition to my scarf box. I hope it cools down enough to wear it soon!

FIVE // Countdown to Christmas
Well, it's time! Hallmark released their Countdown to Christmas and Miracles of Christmas line up for the upcoming festive season. This has got to me one of my oldest traditions. Watching the new Hallmark movies is such an integral part of my Christmas season. I love all things Christmas and these movies are festive, feel-good and just all around comforting. I love getting cozy on the couch with a warm beverage and settling into a light-hearted movie that is sure to get me into the spirit of the holidays. Be sure to print off your checklist for both the Countdown to Christmas and Miracles of Christmas to avoid missing any of the new releases.

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