22 Sept 2023

Mimi Takes Five - #267

ONE // Apple Harvest Sweater
I did not add a new KJP sweater to my collection last year, but I did this year! I try to limit myself to no more than one a year because they are a bit of an investment. However, I got my Cozy Pumpkin one in 2020 and look forward to wearing it every fall. It's such a classic piece that I see myself hanging onto for years. The next one I added in 2021 was the Big Cozy Leaf sweater and, again, it's such a great piece that I wear non-stop this time of year. This year, I finally pulled the trigger on the Apple Harvest sweater, which I'd been eyeing from the start. However, this year the design was released in beige instead of grey and that was what sold me on it! The beige background fits in much better with my autumn wardrobe colour palette. It's so cute in person! I love that the navy in the pattern makes it so easy to pair with jeans. This collection brings me so much joy and I'm already eyeing yet another style...

TWO // Apple Pie
With apple picking comes apple pie baking! Last year was the first year I ever attempted to make an apple pie on my own and I started off easy by using a store-bought crust. This year I upped the ante by attempting to make my own crust. I got the recipe from a friend, and with their many pointers, managed to successfully make my own crust! It was not perfect by any means, but it tasted great and the pie turned out! I will be sure to roll out my dough thinner next time around and will try to remember to add the egg wash before baking it as well. Not big things, but could use slight improvements. I will master pie crusts in my future! Besides, it's nice to have an excuse to keep baking pies. Practice, practice, practice!

THREE // Pumpkin Mug
I'd been wanting an orange pumpkin mug for a few years now. Last year, I came across the most perfect, simple orange pumpkin mug at Chapters and snagged it on clearance at the end of the season. I had stored it away with my fall stuff until this year. I was thrilled to unpack it and put it to good use! First order of business was making a PSL in my new mug. When the mug matches the flavour of the drink, it takes the whole experience to new dimensions. I'll admit it can be a bit tricky drinking from this mug because of the uneven lip but I think I've managed to figure it out. This mug is also bigger than it appears, making it a great option for a frothy drink. I'm so pleased with this new addition to my mug collection! They brought a similar one back this year and it also comes in white. I always like browsing the mug section at Chapters, they always have such cute designs.

FOUR // September Ipsy
Very pleased with this month's glam bag design - it's so vibrant and fun! It's not what I would have expected for September, but am really loving its whimsical aspect. I was very restrained this month and did not get any add-ons, so my contents are a bit fewer than usual. I did use some point for an extra product, the Elemis toner. Overall this month's content is just average, nothing is blowing me away. I got a lip balm, which is from a brand I like, but I don't love the coconut flavour. The brown pencil eye liner is nice and stays well. I'll be wearing this a lot this fall as I tend to opt for brown liner this time of year. I love the moisturizer, but I usually like all First Aid Beauty products. The BB highlighter packs a punch; a little goes a long way. I'm not sure how much I'd use this to be honest. Finally, the setting spray is just fine. I tend to have greasy skin so setting sprays don't do much for me. Some bags are better than others and this one stands somewhere in the middle.

FIVE // Hogwarts Legacy
I've branched out and decided to attempt gaming. I did not grow up with video games and have developed pretty much zero abilities in this field. However, I was very tempted by the Hogwarts Legacy game. After going back and forth on getting the game, my friend offered to lend me their copy. This was the ideal solution as I could try it with no strings attached. We already had the gaming console (unlike me, my husband games) so I decided to give it a go. I'm 4 hours into the game and actually enjoying it. My controller skills need some work and I'll admit it's a steep learning curve for me. It can take me a second to figure out what to do or how to do it, but I'm managing okay. I think the fact this game is based on the Harry Potter world is what's keeping me invested. I'm familiar with the world, so I'm understanding that aspect of the game. My goal is to complete the mission/game and enjoy the process. We'll see if this develops into a passion for gaming or if it's just a one-off. 

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