8 Sept 2023

Mimi Takes Five - #265

ONE // Fall Decorating
The start of September signals the start of fall for me, regardless of the equinox. While the weather outside is definitely not cooperating, my inside is an inviting cocoon of autumnal coziness. It always brings me such joy to pull out the fall décor and really gives my space that cozy comforting vibe I crave this time of year. I got out the leaf garlands, the pumpkins, the orange, the plaid and the twinkle lights. This year, I really wanted to incorporate some mushrooms into my fall décor. I might have gotten a little carried away, but it was a great year for mushroom décor - I found it everywhere! Stay tunes for the details!

TWO // G&G Fabric Bows
Grace & Grandeur has been dropping new fall bows for the past seven weeks. While I already had a few from past years, I waited till the very last drop to place an order. I'm glad I waited because this last drop is the most precious one of all! The Clara bow is available for a limited time in luscious fall fabrics. I'm a recent convert to this statement style of bow and think the fabric offerings are perfect for completing any fall outfit. Picking just one was hard, but I settled on the cinnamon herringbone because I already have bows in the other colours or close to. I'm loving this shade that is somewhere between red and brown. I also decided to order a Marigold velvet bow and added a green block print to my collection also. 

THREE // Fresh Hair
I like timing my hair appointments so that they align with seasonal changes. It doesn't always work out but I like it when it does. I got my roots done last weekend and it always feels so good to get those freshened up! Seeing as I'm totally ready for fall, I knew I wanted to add some copper hair tinsel again. I love adding a bit of glitter and shine to my locks this time of year. It's a little extra, but so am I! My mane is all ready for the cozy season.

FOUR // Hot Air Balloons
It was the hot air balloon festival this past weekend. While we didn't attend the festival itself, we found a way to take in the main attraction. While the festival is across the river, my husband decided to grab some takeout and go sit along the river right at launch time. We had the most amazing view of the balloons being inflated and floating off into the sky. There were a total of 12 hot air balloons and I'd never seen them that up close and personal. It was the perfect spontaneous date night!

FIVE // Cheesy Bacon Scones
I decided to try these scones on a whim the other day after Stacie posted the recipe. Wow, are they ever tasty! I had only made scones twice before (and they didn't rise either time because I was using an English recipe and didn't realize there was no leavening agent...) These bacon, cheddar and chive savoury scones turned out amazingly fluffy and flaky, just as scones should be. Maybe my technique is improving, maybe this recipe was a better one; either way I will be making these golden, buttery treats again! I might even try swapping different fillings to change things up a bit. I bet using mozzarella and oregano would make perfect scones to serve with a side of warm marinara sauce. Or even trying out cubes ham and Swiss cheese. The possibilities are endless, really. 

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