10 Nov 2023

Mimi Takes Five - #274

ONE // Button Puzzle
My mom loved this puzzle when we were at Winners the other day so she got it. However, she left it with me so that I could put it together because she knows how much I love puzzling. She is toying with the idea of having it framed and displaying it in her sewing room. I think this array of colourful buttons would be a great cheerful addition! I set out to do this weekend and thought it would be a quick and easy one. Boy, was I wrong! The big pieces are misleading for sure. While it seems straightforward enough to tackle one colour at a time, there's so much overlay, so it doesn't really simplify things. Also, all the buttons look the same after a while, ha ha! My husband ended up helping me and we got it done within a day together. I will say the image is a great one for multiple puzzlers because no matter which way it faces, the image looks like it's the right way up. Not only did I enjoy this puzzle (I do like a challenge), but I really loved spending time with my husband while putting it together. I'm usually a solo puzzler, so this was different!

TWO // G&G Holiday Bows
I wasn't planning on getting more hair bows quite so soon, but I caved. I missed out of the holiday plaid bows last year, and while I love them, was still planning to skip this year too. That all changed after I watched Grace & Grandeur's live introducing the new bows and I decided to treat myself. I mean, you can't go wrong with classic tartans for the holidays! I also might have gotten sucked in by the pretty matte satin pink bows inspired by Eloise at the Plaza (IYKYK). I had five bows in my cart at first and it easily could have been even more, but I managed to whittle down my selection to three. I settled on the Clara in red tartan, the Lucy in black tartan and the Florence in plaza pink. I can't wait to style them in the coming weeks!

THREE// Moody Mani
I love reaching for darker, warmer nail polish colours this time of year. Give me all the deep burgundies, warm browns and moody glitters. I had fun with this manicure and opted for a darker take on the French mani. I chose a deep burgundy for the base and a light grey for the tips. It's a fun and seasonal take on a classic nail. I don't always opt for statement nails, but it's fun to get creative every now and then.

FOUR // Ribbon Ellie
Back in September, I got this gorgeous floral ikat taffeta Ribbon Ellie! I love that it's a more elevated version of my go-to Nap Dress because of the fabric and the ribbon ties. To me, it screams holiday and I plan on wearing it lots in the coming weeks. I wasn't too sure at first because I didn't know what styles the holiday drop would contain, but I'm happy I got it because I already had the tartans I wanted. The ribbon ties are not the easiest to adjust just right, but the more you work them, the softer the fabric gets. I also steamed the bows once I had them the way I liked. I'm very happy to have added a more elevated, dark print Ellie to my collection. It'll be the perfect winter outfit with black tights and a black turtleneck. The best part is that it can easily be dressed up or down. 

FIVE // Damien Robitaille - New Songs
It's the time of year when every singer releases their new holiday albums and songs. The beauty of streaming services is that you get to hear them on the day the release! How great is that? I'm a big fan! It's also the best excuse to start listening to Christmas music now. Not that I need an excuse, but this justification is appreciated, ha! This week, Damien Robitaille released two new Christmas songs - one in French and one in English. I remember Damien from when he first started his career and had performed at my high school back in the early 2000s. He's become a lot better known since the pandemic when he would interpret a new song every day on social media. He would not only sing, but also play the piano and all other instruments in the song. Quite the skills set if you ask me. He's known for his quirky song lyrics and these new songs don't disappoint!

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