17 Nov 2023

Mimi Takes Five - #275

ONE // Mushroom Earrings
I promise, this is the last mushroom reference for the year. Seeing as I was on a quest to find all the cute mushroom items this past season, it felt only natural that I stumble upon these cuties at a local fair. The are on theme, super affordable and I supported a small local business. It was really meant to be! I love my little mushroom earrings so much. I only got to wear them a couple times so far, but I plan on sneaking them into my outfits as early as next spring, ha ha!

TWO // Dash Waffle Maker
I finally got onboard the mini waffle maker train and I have zero regrets! Truth be told, I saw the pumpkin waffle maker at Chapters and was very tempted to get it. It's adorable and super affordable. But, after talking it over with my husband, we came to the conclusion that getting a non-design one would be more practical. I agree. While the festive designs are cute, I find the traditional waffle design is the way to go. So we got our tiny waffle maker and I've used it quite a few times so far. I like making a full batch and freezing my waffles. This makes it super easy to just pop in the toaster on busy mornings. They're basically homemade Eggos. I also got really creative and slapped in spoonfuls of leftover mashed potatoes. They turn into crunchy little potato patties. The best way to eat leftover mash! I plan on trying a few different variations such as chocolate waffles. So far, it's proved to be a great addition to my kitchen!

THREE // Brown Hounsdtooth Pants
I love a classic print on a basic wardrobe staple. The Old Navy Pixie pants have been a go-to of mine for years and I couldn't pass up the brown houndstooth iteration this year. I love how the print is subtle because of the tone-on-tone palette, yet still provides interest. I've worn them a few times and really like how they seamlessly pair with a lot of other prints in my fall wardrobe, namely plaid flannels in literally every colour. I'd also see them pair well with some chunky Fair Isle sweaters for the colder months. I plan on wearing these throughout winter and maybe even into spring.

FOUR // Holiday Smile Cookies
This is new. For years, Tim Hortons has done smile cookie campaigns to raise funds for local charities. I've always been a fan of the big chocolate chip cookie with colourful smiley face icing. They had a double chocolate variation at some point, but that was ages ago. For the longest time, it's been a chocolate chip cookie. However, this year they've introduced the Holiday Smile Cookie. It's a sugar cookie with red and green sprinkles and white icing. I knew I had to try it! It's very sweet. Sort of like funfetti cake sweet and the icing just adds even more sweetness. Did I like it? Yes! I don't mind a sweet cookie once in a while, but I could not eat more than one at a time. Which is not a bad thing. I say go try them out for yourselves!

FIVE // Bye Bye Fall Décor
Halloween is over and we've already had a few snowfalls this year, so it was time to put away the fall décor. I also like to have a couple weeks of palate cleansing so to speak of my living space before putting up the Christmas décor. I like a bit of space between the two. It also helps me break down the task and do a deep clean while there is no clutter. It's always bitter-sweet, and feels very empty when I put everything away. This just goes to show how cozy my fall décor makes my space. Now, it feels empty and a little cold. I know it's just a perspective, but I need to point it out. My space also feels fresh, clean and like there's more breathing room, so it's not all bad. I'll spend the next weekend enjoying that freshness before officially taking out the Christmas bits and bobs.

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