3 Nov 2023

Mimi Takes Five - #273

ONE // First Snow
Just in time for the end of October, Mother Nature surprises us with our first snowfall of the season. While we had a few flakes sprinkling from the sky on Sunday, I was not expecting to wake up to an actual blanket of snow on the Monday morning. I mean, it was still 17° on the Saturday... Either way, the first snowfall always fills me with joy and childlike wonder. It's the kind of magic that never fades. Truth be told, I'm happy to see the seasons change and welcome it. Besides, I usually find November a bit dreary between the colourful October and festive December. The snow just dresses everything up and makes the anticipation of the holidays that much better.

TWO // October Ipsy
I was looking forward to this particular glam bag design since the brand's Insta stories last winter. There was a poll on four possible Halloween designs and this was my favourite! Clearly, it was a lot of people's favourite as it was the selected design. Not only is the artistic web and bat graphic superb, but the fabric is a soft velvety texture. Simply divine! This bag is the perfect balance between spooky and classy - a big love from me! I got some really good basic cleansers, moisturizer and serum. I also got a classic black eye liner and volumizing mascara. Finally, I got an anti-frizz hair product. A solid selection all around! Great basics in a great bag; can't ask for more.

THREE // Final Mushroom
I can't believe I still haven't finished showing you my new decorative mushrooms acquisitions for the year... So, here is my final one. This was the very last one added and it was a bit of a surprise. I thought I'd done a thorough job and gotten all the variations of mushroom décor possible. The day after I decorated for fall, we were running errands at the pharmacy and walked down the seasonal aisle (as we do). I was focused on the one side and my husband said he was surprised I didn't spot it. I turned around and started looking for what he was hinting at. I had missed this adorable mustard ceramic mushroom! Not only is it adorable, but it also lights up. I didn't have a light-up mushroom yet so you'd better believe that was a settling point. It's perfect to look at during the day, but also contributes to the ambiance in the evenings. I still can't get over the fact he spotted it and then pointed it out to me. He could have totally just walked by and not said anything, ha ha. He totally enabled me there!

FOUR // The Santa Clauses, Season 2
Now that Halloween is over, I'm not holding back my anticipation of the festive season. It's full steam ahead! With that, I'm so happy that the second season of The Santa Clauses starts this week with the release of the first two episodes on Wednesday, November 8. Being a kid from the 90s, The Santa Clause has always been a meaningful part of my Christmas memories and traditions. I was apprehensive at the release of the series last year, but ended up really loving it! I think it hit the right balance of nostalgia while keeping that same magic alive and well. Season 2 seems promising and I'm cautiously optimistic that it will be just as good as the first.

FIVE // Hallmark Movie Guide
One of my Christmas traditions is trying to watch all the new Hallmark releases. While this sounds easy enough, there are so many new movies it's hard to catch them all! Add to the inundation of new movies the fact they are spread out on two channels and don't exactly follow a regular release pattern, it's enough to make your head spin. That is why I decided to make a guide on my Instagram. Every week, I'll be adding the titles and cover art of all new releases from both Countdown to Christmas and Miracles of Christmas to the guide. This will be your one-stop shop in keeping track of all the new movies and when and where they are released. Happy (binge) watching!

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