18 Nov 2017

Fall for One and One for Fall

Oh man, I am totally feeling the jewel tones today! I opted for some muted colour-blocking and jazzed things up with a colourful scarf. The basic (but oh-so-soft) burgundy top, the teal corduroy pants and the brown suede boots are the building blocks for the outfit. Every statement piece needs a good foundation and this look totally nails it. I like mashing up solid-coloured pieces into an outfit and am usually pleased with the outcome. I have to admit though that the scarf is the star of the look today. The funny part is that not one of the actual colours is a perfect match to any other one in the look. There are colours is similar shades of the same hues, so they complement each other without actually being matchy-matchy. I don't think I can really explain it any other way. The point is, I really love the way this outfit turned out and love that it is a very basic one that could easily be repeated. It just works. It's got all the elements that I look forward to wearing in the fall: suede riding boots, jewel tones, blanket scarves, plaid, cozy tops and sartorial seasonal jewelry.

If you've fallen for this look, I've linked my actual top and earrings below and found some awesome dupes for the other elements.

Top: Halogen | Pants: Old Navy (other colour) | Scarf: Old Navy (similar) | Earrings: Banana Republic | Boots: Henry Ferrera (similar

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