13 Nov 2017

Plum Pigments

Keeping with the jewel-tone theme, I opted for some deep purple today. I was feeling a little tired this morning, so my outfit consisted of a tunic sweater, leggings and a blanket (scarf, that is). Once I had the cozy layer down pat, it was time to camouflage the evidence by throwing OTK boots and shiny earrings into the mix. How cute are these pinecone earrings??? Sometimes, you just need a lot of comfy clothing and little bling to make it through the day. Thank goodness for leggings and sweaters! I would totally wear this look on a weekend for lounging. Unfortunately it wouldn't cut it as is for work, so I jazzed it up! What is your lazy-girl work look?

I've linked some similar cozy items (and jazzy ones too) below.

Sweater: Dynamite (similar) | Leggings: Dynamite (other colour) | Scarf: Dynamite (similar) | Earrings: Banana Republic (also like this and this) | Coat: Reitmans (similar) | Boots: Wild Diva (similar)

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