6 Jan 2019

Mimi Takes Five - #32

ONE // Chair Refresh
A couple weeks ago, we got our chair back! This is a chair we salvaged from the fire and got reupholstered. It was one of the few pieces we saved because it's such a unique piece. My fiancé's aunt had found it on the curb a few years back. The legs were broken and kids were using it as a trampoline. She saw potential in it and picked it up. Realizing she didn't have any space for it, she gave it to us. It sat in our apartment for a few months, then in our basement for years. One day, at the flea market, we came across a guy who does upholstery. It was our lucky day! We told him about our chair and he was more than happy to fix it up for us. We purchased fabric and dropped off the lot. He did a fantastic job and we loved our chair. Turns out it's actually a mid-century chair by designer Adrian Pearsall. Turns out someone else's trash is literally our treasure! Unfortunately, we only got to enjoy for a few months before the fire happened. It was in relatively good shape afterwards, so we saved it. A couple months ago, we were finally at the stage of yet again buying fabric for it and dropping it off with our trusted friend. He did a fantastic job once more and the chair looks brand new! Who knew we'd be reupholstering the same chair a couple times in just a couple years. I think we'll have it for life and just change up the fabric every few years. 

TWO // 1 Second Everyday
I first heard of this app from Carly and really liked the concept. It occurred to me that 2019 would be a great year to use it and seeing as the year just started the timing is great! The concept is that you take a one second video every day. Just a snippet of your day that is then all compiled into a video at the end of the year! Simple enough I thought! With the wedding, the honeymoon, and what not, it seems like the year will be off to a great start! Plus, at the end of the year, it will be a great movie to look back on all the good times. Six days in and I haven't missed a day. It'll take a bit of getting used to, but I'm sure it'll become second-nature in no time!

THREE // Wedding Decorations
I was really hoping to get a lot of decorations made over my Christmas break, but didn't get as much done as I was hoping. Oh well, I'll use what I have and that'll have to do! I am very pleased with how these toilet paper roll snowflakes came out though! Who knew that recycling regular TP rolls could makes something so pretty? I am keeping things very rustic and DIY-ing most of it and Pinterest has been a real gold mine for ideas! The funny part is, I find crafting to be relaxing and therapeutic. So, not only am I being productive wedding-wise, but it's also de-stressing me from the wedding things. So my wedding is both stressing me out and de-stressing me... Ironic!  

FOUR // Noël en boîte Movie
I'm a bit late to the party on this one, but my fiancé and I went to the movies on Christmas day. We saw this new French movie called Noël en boîte (Christmas in a box). Turns out we actually knew a few of the actors and that the movie was filmed near where we both grew up, so it was a no-brainer. We wanted to go support this local production. It was so endearing! I'd say it was a bilingual movie, along the lines of Bon Cop, Bad Cop. Definitely a must see!


FIVE // Unicorn Socks
By now, I think it's obvious that I am a fan of unicorns. Growing up, one of my favourite movies was The Last Unicorn, so this love long precedes the recent unicorn craze. I'm not complaining though, it's allowed me to get a whole bunch of unicorn themed stuff! My colleague got me these socks for Christmas and they are amazing! The bright colours, the unicorn theme and the snarky saying makes for an epic pair of socks! She got them from Blue Q Socks and they have plenty more fun and whimsical options. I might have just found my new favourite place to stock up on witty foot coverings...

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