17 Jan 2019

Winter Wedding White

I'm in total wedding mode now! I can't help but being excited for Saturday! My brain is filled with magical winter-wedding vibes and I feel like a Disney princess just waiting to walk down the aisle with her prince charming!

I'm wearing a completely winter-inspired look, from the white to the glittery grey, to the snow-like polka dot scarf and icicle earrings! I added a pop of purple for good measure and realized I'm basically wearing my wedding colour palette. Clearly, I've got wedding on the brain! I actually wore this look a few days ago and am wearing my You, Me, Oui sweater today. We are packing up the car and headed to the hotel for the night. Tomorrow is a big day of setting up and decorating the venue along with our run-through and rehearsal dinner. Be sure to check-in tomorrow for a special post on my feelings one-day out of getting married!

Sweater: RW&CO (similar) | Jeans: Banana Republic | Scarf: Simons (similar) | Earrings: Zara (similar) | Coat: Ricki's (similar) | Hat: Chapters (similar) | Blanket Scarf: Old Navy (similar) | Boots: Henri Pierre (similar)

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