25 Jan 2019

Winter Waddle

I'm really starting to feel like a penguin right about now. We got so much snow in the last week (and it's still coming down!) Pretty sure we got over 50 cm, not even slightly exaggerating here. Anyways, with all this snow, walking around is becoming a real challenge and I'm starting to waddle like a penguin! You know that feeling of trekking through deep powder and not feeling like your moving forward at all? Yup, lots of that going on right now. Oh, and because we get freezing rain between these massive snow dumps, we end up skating around on slick sheets of ice. There really is no winning this week. I keep hesitating between wearing heavy-duty winter boots or rubber boots. The struggle is real. Canadian winters really are a challenging time style-wise... I kept it simple with a full-on pink penguin look. TGIF!

Sweater: Ricki's (similar) | T-shirt: Old Navy (similar) | Pants: Old Navy (similar) | Earrings: Cleo (similar) | Boots: Henri Pierre (similar)

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