8 Jan 2019

Sea of Green

Following up on my swearing to keep wearing velvet yesterday, behold the pleated velvet skirt today! This skirt is seriously warm. I mean it! The combination of tights and velvet is a warm one. I always find longer skirts to be a great option for winter. Hear me out, i find that skirts trap in the hot air and prevent the colder air from hitting your legs. If you don't believe me, just try it! I am talking midi length or longer though, you'll freeze your buns off in a mini! Oh, and wear real, opaque tights, none of those sheer nylons. It's -20 or below, so let's be real, you need actual coverage. I will be wearing tights under my wedding dress next week, even though it is long and will for sure keep me warm. You can never be too careful when it comes to being outdoors in the winter! Here's to hoping we get a beautiful blanket of white snow for the big day! It's getting so close!!! T-10 days!

Top: Zara (similar) | Skirt: Dynamite (similar) | Earrings: Old Navy (similar) | Tights: Secret (similar) | Scarf: Old Navy (similar) | Booties: Blondo (similar)

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