18 Jan 2019

Wedding Diaries - Pre-Wedding Emotions!

I am writing this post, sitting in our hotel room, less than 48 hours before we say "I do". I really want to take this time to pause and take it all in. Everything is done and ready to go. Today, we packed up the car and drove to a hotel near our venue, in order to give us the time to take the time. We had a wonderful dinner in town (our last date as fiancés), and are now enjoying a bit of down time before the real fun begins. We'll be arriving at the venue early tomorrow morning to setup and decorate before we have a run-through and rehearsal dinner.

Although I have to admit the last couple months were a bit hectic and a tad stressful at times, the hard work will soon pay off and we'll get to see the fruit of our labours. The stress has now made way to excitement! Things are getting real and the anticipation is mounting for our guests as well! The pouring in of love and support during this time is indescribable. We truly are well surrounded and have never felt it more than we do now. Weddings have a way of bringing people together and make way for a day of pure joy, excitement and love. 

The day we have dreamed up and planned for so long is almost upon us and it's becoming more and more tangible. We're talking about what we think will happen. Who will say what? Who will do what? How is this going to turn out? What things won't go according to plan? We're not even worried about things going according to plan. Ever since the beginning of the planning process, I've never dwelled on the things that were beyond our control. Things will happen the way they will and it will all be as it is meant to be. Part of me is looking forward to seeing what fate has in store for us! There is no sense in losing sleep over the details, I will rest easy knowing that I have prepared as best I can. 

I am going into this wedding with full confidence and warm feet! I am ready for this new chapter to begin and look forward to sharing this moment with our nearest and dearest. After all, I find family is at the core of these life moments and it just wouldn't be the same not sharing it with them. The more the merrier! We are happy with our concise guest list and opted for a more intimate celebration. It's important to us to spend time with all of our guests and think that keeping things smaller will allow us more time with each one. It's not about the quantity, but the quality. 

This whole experience has been a bit surreal and I still can't quite believe it's happening! Although I was never that little girl who always dreamed of getting married, part of me feels like I'm in a Hallmark movie, living this wonderful love story! In a sense, it's a bit of a dream come true. Even though my partner and I never needed rings or a party to prove our love to one another, it's still a great milestone to live together! We've always wanted a winter wedding and to think it's just a couple days away is thrilling! There's a certain magic in the air and it's palpable! We've crossed our t's and dotted our i's, we're ready to get this show on the road and start this new chapter as a Mr. and Mrs. (Just writing that is giving me all the butterflies!)

By the time I post my next post, I will be married! I'll be back on Sunday with a regular MimTakes Five post and you'll be in for a real wedding treat! Till then!

Photos by Dal Photography. Used with permission.

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