28 Jul 2019

Mimi Takes Five - #61

ONE // Murphys Point
We spent the day at Murphys Point Provincial Park today. My husband had found out about a hike to the old Silver Queen mica mine so we decided to check it out and make a day of it. The trail to the mine is very easy and they have actors along the way to give you a bit of a story. We got to go into the mine and check it out up close and personal. It was an amazing thing to see! We did an extra hike loop on our way back and then decided to chill at the beach for the remainder of the day. We had packed our swimsuits and picnic basket, so were all set for a relaxing afternoon in the sun.

TWO // Freshly Groomed
Puppies went to the groomer's this week and they were long overdue! One of the dogs' hair grows straight and long while the other's fur starts to mat when it gets too long. We were definitely in the scruffy/straggly stage... Plus, with this crazy heat it was time for a trim! They must feel so much better, lighter and cooler.

THREE // Navy Dot Scarf
I have been on the hunt for a navy polka dot scarf basically ever since I started collecting printed bandana scarves. One would think this classic print would be easy to come by... Anyways, the hunt is finally over! I found one at Anarchy Gallery this weekend. I knew I could count on my favourite little boutique to pull through on this. I have a tendency to love everything in that shop. I never leave empty-handed! So happy to finally have this scarf in my collection!

FOUR // Double-Date Night
We've been trying to go to this restaurant for so long now and finally made it! Trying to get together with friends can be challenging at times (juggling schedules is not always easy) but is always worth it when plans come together! We went to Fairouz and had an awesome night of delicious food and great conversations!

FIVE // Citrus Swimsuit
My love for fruit-prints endures! I fell in love with this citrus-adorned swimsuit from Joe Fresh and particularly like the retro vibe of the style. It's very flattering and perfectly suited to any summer beach day! It's bright and cheerful, not to mention matches my lemon beach towel to a T. I love a cute swimsuit and plan on wearing this one on repeat!

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