7 Jul 2019

Mimi Takes Five - #58

ONE // White Raffia Purse
Seeing as I clearly don't have enough straw/raffia bags, I snagged this one in the June Zara sale! I'd been eyeing it for a while and loved the rounder shape, the white shade and the wooden handles. It's the perfect little addition to round off my collection beautifully. I happen to find this white bag a bit more refined than the natural straw bags and a great option for dressier summer evening looks.

TWO // Frog Friend
Ah, home sweet home! I'm all alone for the weekend (because hubby is gone fishing) and it's so nice to just relax. I've had a few busy weeks, so just chilling at home is a nice change. The heat wave has also got me trying to stay cool, so I'm spending time catching up on my blogging in the back yard with my little froggy friend! We found him at Homesense the other day and I pretty much told my husband we needed it for the backyard! We previously had a full-blown conversation on garden gnomes, so this was my idea of a little joke. We have an entire set of matching big blue planters and the frog was the exact same shade. He fits perfectly in the backyard decor and I actually quite like my little frog!

THREE // Stroopwafels
While honeymooning in the Netherlands, we couldn't help but come across the stroopwafel: the famous Dutch waffle sandwich cookie with caramel filling. Naturally, I loved them and pretty much jumped for joy when I found these at my local grocery store! I couldn't say whether they've always carried them or not, but I simply happened to notice them now. Happy coincidence!

FOUR // Spiral Hair Ties
Full confession, I've been overlooking these nifty little spiral hair ties for years now. They look odd (not to mention remind me of the classic 90s key chains) and I never thought they'd work. I finally picked some up the other day and they have been a true revelation! Why did I wait so long to try them? I've been wearing them non-stop and they are my new favourtie thing! I've stashed them everywhere from my purse to my desk and my nightstand. 

FIVE // Scarf Storage
We were at Homesense a few weeks ago and I stumbled upon these decorative storage boxes that came in many different styles and sizes. I had been thinking of a clever way to store my ever-crowing scarf collection and knew this would be the perfect solution! As I was standing there debating which size to get, my husband chimed in and said to go for the bigger size. He knows me so well! Turns out he was right on the money! I had picked the perfect sized box to fit all of my smaller scarves.

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