14 Jul 2019

Mimi Takes Five - #59

ONE // Nordstrom Anniversary Sale
I'd be remiss if I didn't mention the impending Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. It's that time of year again when all the new fall sock will be on major sale for a limited time. This will be my fourth year shopping the sale and I can't wait! Early Access for the US started on Friday, but only starts on Tuesday, July 16 for us Canadians. I guess I could shop the sale online, but that would involve duties and exchange rates, so I'd rather just shop in store to get the best value. I've been checking out the goods online and a few things caught my eye. I'm trying to focus on a few keys pieces that will work well with my wardrobe instead of falling for all the new trends. Quality over quantity.

TWO // Mulan Trailer
Here we go with the next Disney live-action remake: Mulan! I have fond memories of this movie coming out when I was a kid. In fact, I was such a fan that I mimicked her combat moves (the ones with the staff) and actually injured my brother pretty badly as some point. Lacking an actual staff, my weapon of choice was the hockey stick. It was the Canadian edition of Kung Fu. My brother survived the injury and we know have a great story to tell future generations! Back to the trailer. I think this movie looks promising, it has a serious undertone but I'm really hoping we get some comedic relief (i.e.: Mushu and the Cri-Kee...)

THREE // Lobster Swimsuit
After last summer's crab purse, my love for crustacean-themed clothing was born. Naturally, I was drawn to this lobster swimsuit from Old Navy (I also fell for the matching shirt!) and just had to have it! I love all things navy/red and nautical themed, so this piece fits right into my esthetic! I brought it along on our honeymoon (because, cruise) and also wore it during a long weekend at the lake. It fits in with any packing list and is so fun to wear!

FOUR // Pearl Hair Clips
These clips have not left my head since the day I got them! They are both vintage and on trend, reminding me of these same clips from the 90s, but with a modern pearl-covered take. I am all about the pear hair accessories because I find them so feminine and effortless. I am also a huge fan of hair accessories that stay put! These little beauties do just that and that's the reason I love them even more! I have another pearl barrette, but it's more of a slide-in similar to a bobby pin. These ones snap shut so stay exactly where you want them! They are on sale a bit everywhere, but I went for the cheapest option out there and they do not disappoint!

FIVE // Fruit Pins
My pin collection keeps growing... I recently stocked up on all the new fruit releases from Nutmeg and Arlo because my lemon was getting lonely! I've always had a soft spot for fruit-adorned clothing so, naturally, branching out into the accessory department was not a far stretch. I got the cherries, the bananas and the pear! I also added the Niffler pin to my order because I had been eyeing it for quite some time, so it rounded off my order pretty well.

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