3 Nov 2019

Mimi Takes Five - #75

ONE // Purple Velvet Pumps
I'm a sucker for anything purple and even more so if said thing is also velvet, with a bow. It was love at first sight when I saw these gorgeous pumps in the clearance section at Banana Republic last spring. I'm guessing it was leftover Christmas stock but I must have missed them because I don't recall seeing them before. I was lucky enough that they had one pair left in my size. I tried them on and totally had a Cinderella moment. There's no other way to describe it. I brought my newly found treasure to the cash and the extra discount was applied over the already clearance price. I mean, could this have been a bigger sign? I think not! I'd been waiting for the fall to arrive before busting them out and boy oh boy are they pretty! These will look so good during the festive season, or even for a winter wedding (not that I have any to attend...)

TWO // Lea Michele - Christmas in the City
Since its release last week, I must have listened to it half a dozen times already! Yes, I know it's early to be listening to Christmas music, but I couldn't resist. This album is sooo good! I've been a fan of Lea Michele since her Glee days and her voice is perfect for Christmas music! I absolutely love her original track "Christmas in New York": it totally paints a picture of the magic of city during the Holiday season. Another favourite is her rendition of "Do you Want to Build a Snowman?" Ah, my heart just about melted when I first heard it! I love that she included a song from Frozen! The album also features three duets which are all amazing in their own rights. I could go on and on, but basically, I'm saying this album should be added to your Christmas playlist immediately!

THREE // Mustard Polka Dot Shirt
I like mustard yellow, I like polka dots and I like button-up shirts, so buying this one at the beginning of fall was a no-brainer! I've worn it so many times and it's so comfortable! These Old Navy shirts are great because they are long enough to layer with sweaters and come in all sorts of fun prints and colours. I have a ton of plaid versions, but thought I'd change it up a bit with the polka dots. I love it!

FOUR // Christmas Cards
I started making my Christmas cards last weekend. I like to get an early start because making them can take a while. I popped on a Hallmark Christmas movie (the first new ones of the season started) and got into the spirit of things. I really do enjoy crafting and find it so relaxing. I've picked an unconventional colour palette to mix it up a bit this year and I'm loving the unexpected festive colours! I can't wait to see how they all turn out!

FIVE // Fall Floral GMG Dress
Another piece I got at the beginning of the season is this printed purple Gal Meets Glam dress. I've worn it a handful of times already and it's quickly becoming one of my favourite dresses. I really love the fit and flair silhouette, the retro vibe of the neckline and bow detail in the back. The full skirt twirls and moves so well when I walk. Can I just get this dress in every colour, for every season? On a side note, I am totally mesmerized by the Christmas capsule collection that launched earlier this week! Check it out!

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