7 Nov 2019

Knitting in the Rain!

Here comes that fall rain! This is day two of three consecutive rainy days. I guess it was to be expected... Because it's fall, rainy days are somewhat colder than spring rainy days, so layering up is a must. I wore a plaid shirt with a camel cable-knit sweater and obviously wore my rubber boots. Everything was in a warm colour palette because, well, fall. I added a rain coat and umbrella to the mix for my lovely commute to work. I wouldn't mine rainy days if it wasn't for the getting wet part. And the carrying around more stuff. I've got enough bags to juggle, do I really need to add a dripping umbrella to the mix? I'm that weird person who carries an empty plastic bag in her purse so that she can stuff her wet umbrella in there and be hands free. P.S. I reuse said plastic bag every time. It's plastic so that it keeps the rest of my bag contents dry, you know?

Sweater: Old Navy | Shirt: American Eagle  (similar) | Jeans: Jordache  (similar) | Earrings: Dynamite  (similar) | Hair tie: J. Crew Factory  (similar) | Boots: Hunter (similar)

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