12 Nov 2019

Un-teal we Meet Again

Bye bye fall, it's been nice! Seeing as the weather changed abruptly a couple weeks ago, I've given up all hope that it's still fall. Even though it technically still is, it definitely feels more like winter is settling in early... I took out the velvet pants for the first time this year because this is where it's at! Velvet, cozy sweaters and blanket scarves. I'm pulling out all the cold-weather stops as of now. There's no going back to the trench or cute little heels anymore. I've got to start changing gears and pulling out the heavy winter artillery! I don't really mind though; the start of winter is always enjoyable because it's almost cute how easily the first few snowfalls are handled. Things get a bit trickier when there are snowbanks the height of houses and the freezing rain gets involved... For now, I'm all giddy when I see the first snowflakes, but know that this magical aspect of snow will be short lived! I'll make the most of it while it lasts!

Sweater: Old NavyPants: Old Navy (similar) | Scarf: Old Navy (similar) | Earrings: Callura (similar) | Belt: American Eagle (similar) | Boots: Henry Ferrera (similar)

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