24 Nov 2019

Mimi Takes Five - #78

ONE // Fuzzy Socks
To me, winter rhythms with fuzzy socks. I always have cold feet. When I say cold, I mean frigid! My toes are literal ice cubes during the winter months. That is why I am a huge fan of knitted socks. I wear them almost every day. Even when I wear tights, I pop these babies over top for the added layer of coziness and warmth. I found these particular socks at Giant Tiger a few years ago and they have become my go-tos. I buy a few more pairs every year to replace the worn-out ones. They are the best and only $3 dollars a pair. At that price point, it's easy to stock up!

TWO // November Ipsy
This month's Ipsy glam bag was chock-full of goodies! I got a lot of face creams, serums and oils. This is great timing because with winter comes the dry and cold, so my skin needs extra pampering. I also got a blackhead removing mask which is great to deep clean those pesky little pores! The lipstick is probably my favourite thing this month because I love a good dark lip colour this time of year and this burgundy shade is perfection. I also got a setting powder and a blueish/purple nail polish. I think I'll hang on to that one until after the Holidays. I'll stick with my more festive colours for now.

THREE // Bow Sweater
What makes a knitted sweater even better? A pretty bow, of course! I really love this burgundy sweater, it's feminine and preppy. Plus, it's so easy to wear as it can be dressed up or down in a pinch! Wear it with dark wash jeans and booties for a casual look or pair it with a satin midi skirt, statement headband and ankle-strap heels for a more glamorous look. Not only is it easy to style, it's also very comfortable! I don't see myself tiring of this sweater any time soon.

FOUR // Freshly Groomed
We got the puppies groomed a few days ago and they are so cute now! Well, one of them looks dapper while the other looks like a scrawny little rat, but she's still cute to me! She looks way better all fluffy, but her fur gets matted and the snow really sticks to it. She comes back in looking like the abominable snow man, so not good. Getting a trim just in time for all the snow we've gotten was a good call. Now, they don't pick up as much snow and don't get as wet when they go out. This is a case of function over fashion!

FIVE // Velvet Headband
Ah, headbands! My undying love for you persists! I have really come to appreciate how functional and easy to wear headbands are! To me, one of the best parts is that it keeps my hair out of my face. I hate having wayward strands of hair blocking my view or getting stuck in my lip gloss. Headbands are the fashionable way of avoiding those while looking so cute. I wear them ALL the time and sometimes start to think that no outfit is truly complete without a show-stopping topper... So say hello to one of the new recruits: this burgundy velvet knotted beauty!

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