5 Nov 2019

Vintage Vibes

So I decided to finally wear one of my vintage hats today. About a year or so ago, one of my mom's friends gave me her mother's entire vintage hat collection when she passed. I was so surprised and touched she thought of giving them to me! She said she wanted to give them to someone who'd love and appreciate them. There are some real gems in this collection! Turns out the lady's aunt owned a hat shop so a lot of the hats are from there. I even have a cute black and white photo of the two ladies in front of the shop. Such a precious touch to include with the collection! These hats came with a story and I am but only the next chapter.

As much as I love the hats, I was at a bit of a loss as to how to fasten them to my head. For that reason (I know, it's not a great reason), they've sat in boxes since then. It's only when I started watching the Marvelous Mrs. Maisel last year that I was truly inspired to pull them out and wear them. I had a blast putting together vintage-y looks in my closet app with plans to wear them come spring. Most hats are not very Canadian-winter friendly... Spring and summer came and went without me finding an opportunity to wear one of my looks so I was determined to wear at least one this fall!

So today was the day! I decided to wear this cute burnt orange Juliet (at least I think that's what this style is called) hat with feather. The night before, I googled how to go about fastening the hat to my head and figured it out with bobby pins. I paired it with my plaid coat, houndstooth skirt, beige sweater/booties and mustard tights! My look is a little bit vintage, a little bit modern and I like it a lot! So what do we think of vintage hats, yes or no?

Sweater: Dynamite (similar) | Skirt: H&M | Earrings: Smart Set (similar) | Scarf: H&M (similar) | Hat: (vintage)  (similar) | Tights: Simons (similar) | Coat: H&M (similar) | Booties: Old Navy (similar)

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