22 Dec 2019

Mimi Takes Five - #82

ONE // The Tenors
My sister and I went to The Tenors' Christmas concert the other day and it was all kinds of amazing! She's been a fan for a while now, but I only discovered them very recently. I'd been missing out, big time! These guys are so good! It's like having three Michael Bublés on stage! Clearly, Canadian man can sing! It was a very festive and upbeat show, but with heartfelt and tender moments. They even had two local choirs join them on stage. It was a great way to kick off the Holidays!

TWO // Candy Cane Hot Chocolate Float
My favourite treat this time of year is what I like to call the Candy Cane Hot Chocolate Float. It's basically a decadent hot chocolate with a good scoop of President's Choice Candy Cane ice cream in it. The ice cream melts and makes the hot chocolate super creamy and the candy can bits add that delicious peppermint flavour. It's the ultimate comfort drink to sip on while watching a Christmas movie in your festive PJs. This ice cream is only available during Christmas, so get your fill of this holiday drink before it's too late!

THREE // Ornament
My colleague surprised us at work the other day with a bunch of hand-painted ornaments she made. It was such a lovely surprise! She had them all hanging on the wall and we got to pick the one we liked. I chose this snowman that is painted on an old CD. It makes for such a unique ornament! I just love creative gifts; they really stand out and have such a personal touch.

FOUR // Tartan Trousers
Could these pants be any more perfect? I love a good plaid-print pant, but have tended to stick to neutral colours in the past. However, I've been toying with the idea of trying a bolder colour palette. Well, I bit the bullet with these Old Navy pixie pants! They are the perfect festive plaid and will be so fun to wear. However, my biggest worry with such statement pants is the lining up of the print on the seams. I was that crazy person in the store checking out the alignment of the print on every pair of pants... I went with the pair that had the least skewing. Hopefully, the print doesn't look too off when I wear them. I can't ask for more for the price point, really. The seams always matched up on the back of the pants, it was on the side of the leg where matching was iffy.  Just a little trick I learned from my mom!

FIVE // Christmas Road-Trip
The car is packed and we are hitting the road! Direction: the farm! We are spending Christmas with my family on the farm this year. We haven't done so in a few years and thought it was time we headed back. We have a long drive ahead of us, but will enjoy the ride and take in all the winter scenery. The dogs are just as excited as we are, they LOVE being on the farm! We are looking forward to seeing faces we don't see often enough and making lots of memories.

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