23 Dec 2019

A Country Christmas

You know you've been watching too many Christmas movies when your blog-post titles start sounding like cliché Hallmark movie titles... Haha! I mean, I love those movies but the titles could use a bit of work!

We made it! Today's our first official day off! I plan on chilling, helping mom finish off a few things in the kitchen (if she trusts me!) and just keeping cozy by the fire. This is the calm before the storm because we are the first to arrive. The rest of the family will trickle in during the next few days and culminate with the entire gang on Christmas day! I'm relaxing while I can because it will get chaotic in no time!  

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Blazer: Halogen (similar) | Shirt: Banana Republic (similar) | Jeans: Gap | Earrings: Zara (similar) | Hair Tie: J. Crew Factory (similar) | Flats: Bamboo (similar)

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