15 Dec 2019

Mimi Takes Five - #81

ONE // Festive Chocolate
So I was walking through the mall the other day and walked right by the Hummingbird Chocolate pop-up. Boy was I happy to come across it because this is our favourite chocolate ever! We go out of our way to stock up at the store a few times a year and I just so happened to be drooling over their Christmas flavours that kept popping up on my social media. I gladly sampled the new flavours and my taste buds were delighted! I grabbed a few bars and was on my merry way! I can't begin to describe the decadent, smooth and buttery taste of the Gingerbread Spice, it is to die for!

TWO // Tweed Tartan Blazer
I've worn this blazer a handful of times so far and I have to say it's one of my favourite pieces! The double-breasted style, the gold buttons, the tweed texture and the plaid print: basically my Holy Grail of blazers! It was the one thing I spotted in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale that I knew I needed. Unfortunately, my store didn't have it and it was sold out online by the time the sale went live in Canada. I was so disappointed. But, my luck changed when my size popped back on the website a couple days before the sale ended. It was meant to be! I absolutely love this statement piece and think it's a perfect holiday go-to!

THREE //Satin Pearl Headband
Headbands are life. I honestly don't know how I used to do my hair without headbands. My obsession for head wear has really grown this year and I am loving the vintage vibes and easy stylings. Seriously, it doesn't get any easier than popping a headband on your head. There is sure to be a headband for every look (and when you've got a sizeable collection, that is very true!) Sometimes I even struggle picking between two different headbands... Existential crisis, I know. But seriously, I will guard this collection with my life because it gives me life! This ivory pearl one is the perfect neutral to go with every holiday look.

FOUR // Fresh Hair Cut
I finally made it out to the salon for a much-needed refresh. My hair has gotten long, like really long! I am actually ok with that and have been loving the length. However, I needed a trim, but that meant cutting off enough to get rid of the last bits of lighter shade on the ends. For that reason, my stylist and I decided to let it grow enough so that when we finally trimmed it, we'd keep most of the length. This is what we did this week. We chopped off the last bit of light pieces and coloured my roots. My stylist then pulled some of the colour to my ends to blend it all and even the tone. The result is a warmer, more even shade with less weight! I'm loving the new do!


FIVE // Red Pompom Tuque
No Canadian winter wardrobe would be complete without a red pompom tuque, am I right? I'd actually been looking for just the right one for years! Low and behold, I found the perfect topper at Canadian Tire for a big old $8. Yup, that's all it cost and, if you ask me, it looks a hell of a lot like the much pricier J. Crew version. Boy do I love finding great pieces that don't break the bank! I've worn it a few times and love the slouchiness! Even my husband's worn it, granted it was for his Halloween costume, but hey, it counts! It goes very well with a lot of my winter outerwear, so this is a great addition. 

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