1 Dec 2019

Mimi Takes Five - #79

ONE // Decorating for Christmas
My parents are visiting this weekend and it so happens this was the weekend I planned on decorating for Christmas. I usually do it alone, or with my sister, but got the expert to help this year: mom! I can't remember the last time we decorated for Christmas together. Growing up, we'd all pitch in and go to town! The house would be transformed in no time with four kids and one adult! My decorating is not quite as elaborate and I try to limit it to the main living area, just to keep things tame. I like a cozy interior, but want to stay clear of the over-the-top-tacky territory. I may dress like an extra from a Hallmark Christmas movie, but I don't want my home to look like Santa's workshop. It's all about balance!

TWO // Wine & Etiquette
My colleagues and I typically do something special to mark the Holidays. For the past few years, we've gone for afternoon tea at Château Laurier but decided to switch things up this year. We opted to attend a Wine and Etiquette dinner. What a great night! I love this concept for an evening activity, it's both old school and modern and makes you realize the subtleties of fine dining. It's a great way to either validate or debunk modern etiquette questions. We learned a great deal and really enjoyed our evening from cocktails to dessert. We had etiquette expert Julie Blais Comeau and world-renown sommelier Véronique Rivest accompany us throughout the meal and walk us through the subtle intricacies of the dinner table. It was the best refresher course just in time for all those Holiday gatherings. I'm looking forward to putting my newfound knowledge to the test!


THREE // Gingerbread Castle
I might not have any kids, but I'm still very much a kid at heart! Naturally, I stocked up on all the Frozen II themed holiday must-haves: the advent calendar and the castle gingerbread structure! I busted out he gingerbread kit with family while we were waiting for dinner to cook. My sister, my aunt, my husband and myself all got stuck-in. These kits are always more challenging than they appear, but I thought this one would be even easier because there was no roof. Boy was I wrong! Haha! We decided to decorate the pieces flat and then build the castle. That was a good idea, but the icing was hard to manipulate and getting that fine detailing was super challenging! My sister and I pretty much gave up, but my husband and aunt were very determined! My aunt used to make the most intricate wedding cakes and is a whizz with a pipping bag. She almost went home to get her icing tools! Out of all of us, her piece is the most successful recreation! Good thing the box says for 3 years and over because it took four adults to put it together!

FOUR //Plaid Shoes
I've been waiting all year to wear these beauties again! I got these plaid shoes from J. Crew last year (I'm pretty sure it was during Black Friday sales) and resisted the urge to wear them during Christmas last year because they were my wedding shoes. That's right! I was wearing these cuties under my dress for the reception. They are seriously so comfortable I was able to dance the night away without a blister in sight! I haven't re-worn them since and think now is the right time to pull them out again! Not only are they the cutest plaid print, but they have a glitter sole! Could they be any more perfect for the Holidays?

FIVE // Family Hallmark Movie Night
What better way to spend some family time during the Holidays than by watching a Christmas movie? We chose to watch a Hallmark, obviously. However, I had a twist up my sleeve. We'd be playing Hallmark Movie Bingo while watching! I thought this would make it a much more interactive viewing and add in a healthy dose of competition! I found the bingo cards online and just printed a few. They were all different, which is a must to play a real game of bingo. We settled in front of the TV with our hot chocolates and bowls of candy cane ice cream. I've never had so much fun watching a movie before! We'll do this again for sure!

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