2 Dec 2019

December Glamour!

Stepping into December like...

I must say, I was a bit inspired by Blair's collection and stylings when putting this look together. I've got this burgundy  statement belt and I paired it with a pleated metallic skirt and shiny blazer for a totally festive work look. I added a white ruffle collar shirt, some glittery earrings, a velvet headband and some matching booties. I also added a diamond pin, just for the hell of it! It's all or nothing, you know what I mean? I'm starting the month like I plan on finishing it: with a bang! It's a straight line to 2020 and I want to enjoy every little bit left of the current year! Great outfits is high up on my list!

Shirt: Gap (similar) | Blazer: Banana Republic (similar) | Skirt: Dynamite (similar) | Belt: Banana Republic (similar) | Tights: Old Navy | Headband: H&M (similar) | Earrings: Callura (similar) | Pin: Nutmeg and Arlo | Booties: Zara (similar)

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