8 Mar 2020

Mimi Takes Five - #93

ONE // Office Ladies Podcast
So I'm kind of late to the party on this one, but I've only been listening to podcasts for about a week now... I don't know why I never hopped on the bandwagon. I take public transit (can't read because of motion sickness) and go for walks on my lunch breaks, so I have plenty of time and opportunities to listen to podcasts. I have no idea why I waited this long to take the plunge. In all honesty, I really wanted to listen to the Duchess of Cambridge's podcast, so I found the app on my phone and the rest is history! I had also been hearing a bit about the Office Ladies podcast and, being a huge fan of The Office, thought this would be one to check out. Boy am I happy I discovered the amazing world of podcasts! Office Ladies is so funny, informative and even a bit nostalgic. I love getting Jenna and Angela's takes on the episodes and all the background info they give is gold! If you are not already listening to this one, add it to your list, it's worth it!

TWO // Oh là là Sweatshirt
I found this adorable puffed-sleeve (major Anne of Green Gable vibes) sweatshirt at H&M the other day and it's the most darling casual piece. I also love the embroidered Oh là là phrase, it's so French! I've been wearing it non-stop on weekends and its laid-back vibe pairs so well with sweats or yoga pants, my weekend uniform. It's so cozy and easy to throw on for an effortless look, but the puff sleeves give it a bit more style and flair. Who knew I'd end up wearing a sweatshirt so much? It could also easily be dressed up a bit with cropped jeans and flats if you actually intend on leaving the house. I will be reaching for this piece for years to come!

THREE // BBCan season 8
Yasss, Big Brother Canada 8 has officially launched this week! We've been watching the Canadian edition since its very first season and look forward to it every year. The theme this year is super heroes and the house is super colourful, just like a cartoon! I have to say that some rooms are a tad on the busy side, so much so that I find them distracting. However, I am a fan of the frozen HOH room and I don't mind the black and white bedroom. This season was off to a bid of an odd start. Let's just say the first eviction was underwhelming... Here's to hoping this is not an indication of how this season will play out. Let's hope it's all uphill from here. There are some very interesting players and I've already got a couple of them growing on me. I can't wait for the first HOH comp of the season tonight; the Canadian comps are always so funny to watch!

FOUR // Black Ankle Strap Shoes
The most basic of wardrobe basics: the black pump. No matter your age of season of life, odds are you will always need a good black pump in your closet. I'd been looking for a good block heel option for everyday wear and found the perfect one at Old Navy. I like the sturdiness and comfort of a block heel for day-wear and am also a big fan of ankle straps. The d'Orsay style is an added bonus because it makes the shoe easy to wear with or without tights, making it the perfect all-season shoe. I've already worn them a few times and can see myself reaching for them again and again. The fact that I snagged them for $11 is just icing on the cake!

FIVE // Pretty Little Fawn
I have been sucked into the daydreams that have been Courtney's Ireland trip these last couple weeks. I've followed along on Instagram and was living for her daily posts and stories about her trip on the Emerald Isle. Every since I was a child, I've been dreaming of, one day, visiting Ireland. I am drawn to it's magical quality. It has nothing to do whatsoever with my Riverdance obsession growing up... Tapping is my medium, but I've always been fascinated by Irish step dancing. All that to say be sure to check out Courtney's trip. I've loved everything from her looks to the dreamy locations and cuddly little photos ops. Ewe won't be disappointed!

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