1 Mar 2020

Mimi Takes Five - #92

ONE // Sister Sleepover
My sister and I have been talking about a sister-sleepover for a while now. We used to spend more time together and decided to make it happen! Turns out neither one of us had seen Frozen II yet (crazy, I know!), so we thought it would be great fun to watch it together and to make a whole night out of it. My sister got a new couch, so a sleepover was required. We even got matching onesies to wear for our night in! We settled in for the night in our comfy pyjamas with some wine, pizza and homemade cookies: all the makings of a great soirée. These sister-sleepovers should totally become a thing!

TWO // Snowflake Onesie
A couple weeks before our sleepover, we were talking about how fun it would be to go all out and wear matching pyjamas for our sister-thing. We had poked around on Amazon, but nothing really stuck. The next day, I was shopping at the La Vie en Rose outlet with my mom when she found us these epic onesies. They were on major clearance and we found two in our sizes, it was karmic. These powder blue, snowflake-print, fuzzy hooded onesies were even on theme! You don't get more "Frozen" than that. Down to the "Sleigh all day" saying on the butt flaps! Completely chuffed with our find, we made our way to the cash only to find out these $15 dollar pieces were on bogo! We got both for the price of one. Never has a purchase been more meant to be! 

THREE // Frozen II
Clearly, I've got a theme going for today's post... I can't talk about our sleepover and overlook my commentary on the actual movie (and reason we got together in the first place.) I've waited so long to watch this movie, it's now out on DVD. We had big plans of watching it in theater, but it never happened for some reason. Since we'd already waited so long, I'm happy we took the time to make an event out of the viewing. I quite enjoyed this movie. I liked that there was a good story line, especially seeing as we already know all of the characters. It also had me feeling a whole range of emotions, I mean, I did not expect that Olaf moment. I'm not going to lie, I shed a few tears. I love when we get more backstory of Disney movies, it gives them more depth and more scope for the imagination. As much as I like a good story, I think I'll have to watch this one again to catch all the tiny details. My advice to anyone wanting to watch this movie is to pay attention because there is a lot of information to wrap your head around. I also want to listen to the songs again! 

FOUR // Fluffy Slippers
Really driving the cozy point home now. While at the store with my mom (for the above-mentioned PJs), she had grabbed a pair of slippers for herself. Turns out they were also on bogo, so my mom turned to me and said: "go grab a pair for yourself!" I was like a deer in headlights. I normally have no issues picking out things I like in a store, but I was put on the spot and got a little flustered. I also felt a bit pressured by time because we were already at the cash! I ended up grabbing this pair from the bin by the cash and boy did I luck out! These furry bootie slippers have got to be the comfiest, coziest, fluffiest things I've ever worn on my feet! Wearing them is like walking on a cloud. Plus, they have sticky bottoms, which is a big plus for me and floors... I need the extra security measure! They can be worn folded or not and I have been living in them ever since I got them. You can be sure I had them on with the onesie!

FIVE // Lush Bath Oils
Speaking of my sister, she used to love bath oils growing up. You remember those old-shcool beads, that dissolved in the bath and came in a variety of fun shapes and colours? Well, turns out she was a big fan and even tried tasting one once... Who can blame her? They do look like candy! Naturally, she's the first person I think every time I see bath oils. However, these are the Lush version. They look like smaller bath bombs (of which I'm a huge fan). I decided to try a couple out and picked Double Vitality and Floating Island. My skin has been parched since coming back from vacation, so I hope these bath oils help replenish the moisture in my skin. Rest assured, I will keep them away from my sister because these ones also look good enough to eat! Haha! (Kidding, MJ!)

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