22 Mar 2020

Mimi Takes Five - #95

ONE // Agate Coaster
Working from home has been an adjustment for sure. I've never really used my "home-office" until now. When rebuilding after the fire, I had designed my basement to be a multi-use space: it's a home-theater, gym, office, craft room, sewing room and blogging space. I'm actually quite pleased with the functionality and versatility of this space, but hadn't really used it as a home office until now. I'm happy to report it works beautifully! One of the recent little additions to my office space was this agate coaster in rose quartz. I loved the irregular shape, the colour, the gold detailing and the fact it would be a useful item. Well, I've been using it non-stop and it's great! I use it for the usual tea, coffee or water but also use it under a lit candle. I love it so much I'm thinking of getting a few more! I got mine from Anthropologie, but came across this tutorial on how to make your own. If anybody needs a project these days, this would be a great one!

TWO // Working From Home Style
I came across this great IGTV post the other day and thought it was too good not to share! Being a fashion/style blogger, I have to say that I was scrambling a bit in trying to figure out how I will create content if I'm not getting ready for work every day. I was worried about spending my days in yoga pants and pyjamas... The easy solution (for both creating content and remaining sane during isolation) is to stick to my usual routine. I get up, get dressed and ready for the day at my usual time then "commute" to my home-office in the basement. It's that simple really. I find getting dressed puts me in the right mindset to work. Simple things like getting dressed and doing my make-up just make me feel a sense of normalcy that is fleeting in these trying times.

THREE // March Ipsy
I'm usually pretty happy when my Ipsy glam bag comes in the mail, but I have to say it was especially welcome this week. It's a small ray of sunshine that helps bring a sense of normality to my life. I was looking forward to this particular glam bag as it is Ipsy's 100th bag! It's a really bright teal bag with studs and lime green accents, so gorgeous in person. I was happy to find a product from some of my favourite brands such as Pixi, Hey Honey, Belle en Argent and Naked Cosmetics. I was really excited to try the bubbling mask and the Tatcha moisturizer because I've been seeing it everywhere! It'll be nice to play around with beauty products to get my mind off things. Also, all this time at home is great for giving myself plenty of face masks and pampering my skin.

FOUR // Walk & Talk
Another great coping mechanism for me has been to stick with my lunchtime walks. When at work, I always go out and get some fresh air on my lunch break, so I'm keeping up this part of my routine. Just moving and getting out of the house a bit help clear my head and keep me from feeling cooped up. Bonus, I get to walk with my dog! I also take this time to call and check-up on loved-ones. Some family members are more isolated than others and a simple chit-chat can make their day! I actually do this all year round, but it's especially important right now. Also, talking out loud just feels good too when you are working from home and your conversations with colleague are all virtual. Calling a loved one is a germ-free way to stay close so make the most of it!

FIVE // All Round to Mrs. Brown's
Last night was the first episode of the fourth season of All Round to Mrs. Brown's! The timing couldn't be more perfect; we all need a good laugh right about now. I'm all for the light-hardheartedness of this show and Brendan O'Carroll always delivers! It felt good to forget about our worries for an hour and just laugh it off! Whether it is this funny show or another, be sure to find a bit of time to unwind and get away from it all for just a moment.

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