2 Mar 2020

(Isle) be Down for Some Fair Weather Now...

Whew, after a few days of fool's spring, winter was back with a vengeance! Just when the snowbanks melted enough to show slivers of grass and pavement, we got hit with the biggest storm of the season. Drizzle, small snowflakes, freezing rain, fluffy snowflakes, wind gusts: you name it, we got it! It lasted a solid 24 hours and we got 20 cm of snow. This is only a fraction of the predicted 40 cm because half of the precipitations came as freezing rain and ice pellets. Let's just say that shoveling those 20 cm was as heavy as the full 40 cm would have been because the snow was so saturated and sticky. My husband asked me jokingly if I wanted to build a snowman... He was right, it was the perfect snow for snowman building. We settled for shoveling the drive-way before seeking shelter from the storm once again. 

The only member of our household who seemed to be enjoying the outdoors was our puppy. She very contently sat in the snow watching the flakes come down. That's when she wasn't busy plowing her way through the snow-covered yard to get to the fence. She was like a little bulldozer leaving a cloud of powder in her wake. The best part was her leaving little droplets through the house as the snow melted off her... She thoroughly enjoyed the storm!

Let's just say I'd be down for some less intense weather now. Winter, you got your big storm in, now make way for the fair weather. I hear through the grapevine that we are in for a mild spring, I'm down with that forecast! 

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