15 Mar 2020

Mimi Takes Five - #94

ONE // Beige Plaid Scarf
I have a weak spot for plaid prints. I am immediately drawn to anything adorned with this particular print. I tend to opt for more brightly colours palettes, but this beige and ivory scarf caught my eye. It's so soft and has a somewhat instant soothing quality, if that makes any sense? Essentially, it's the perfect transition scarf for fall and spring. You know, for that in-between weather, before or after the really cold winter temperatures. I find it matches seamlessly with a trench coat and strikes that perfect sleek, monochromatic tone.

TWO // Marshmallow Bunnies
It's that time of year when all the Easter goodies adorn the supermarket shelves again! As much as I like a chocolaty Easter treat in all of its egg-shape renditions, I have a very soft spot for the Dare Marshmallow Rabbits. For as long as I can remember (and I have a memory of eating these in junior kindergarten), I've been hooked on them! My mom is also a fan and we scour the shops looking for them this time of year. I always get filled with excitement when I first spot them every spring. My husband thinks I'm crazy when I stock up. I've gone through two bags already this year and have a back up in the cupboard as we speak. Some people hoard toilet paper; I hoard marshmallow rabbits... 

THREE // Ombré Leggings
One can never have too many workout leggings, right? Seeing as they are the perfect lounge wear (I guess they're pretty great for working out too), I have a decent collection. Most are from either Lululemon or Old Navy. I find both brands offer quality workout gear, but at different price points. I recently got this pair of pink ombré ones and find them different and unique. It changes things from the usual dark, solid colours I typically wear. Working from home because of Covid -19 these days? Leggings will be your best friend! Wear them during working hours with a cute blouse or sweater (to always be ready for any type of video-conference) and they'll take you straight from your desk to your home workout post work day. It's a win-win!

FOUR // Grammar Girl
I talked about my first podcast last week and I'm sharing another favourite with you this week. What can I say, I'm hooked! Listening to podcasts has been a real revelation these last couple weeks and I am really delighted that I've taken the plunge. Being the language-lover that I am (those who know me, know), I was on the lookout for a podcast dedicated to language. I stumbled upon Grammar Girl and, dare I say it, it has reminded me just how much I love language and grammar. I could seriously listen to Mignon talk about the origin of words and funny language anecdotes all day long! I can't get enough. I'm already annoying my colleagues with all the word-related tidbits... It's fascinating! Now, I'm looking for a similar French podcast. Anybody know of one, please share. I'm all ears!

FIVE // Blush Workout Tank
Speaking of workout gear, I also got this pleated-back tank top to match my new leggings. This tank is super soft to the touch and great to wear over a sports bra for an option that provides coverage while still allowing range of movement. As much as I like a workout tank with a built-in bra, I've recently been wearing sports bra and tank separates. This allows for more mixing and matching options. I haven't worn this tank for a super sweaty session yet, so I'm not sure how moisture wicking it is, but for a mild yoga, Pilates or barre classes, it's a great choice!

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