29 Jun 2018

Stormy Blooms

So we got our very first extreme-weather warning for the season. Seeing as we were also getting major thunderstorms today, getting dressed was a bit of a dilemma. A dress was probably not a good idea for the strong winds, so I decided on jeans, even though I knew they'd get wet. I also decided on a long-sleeve shirt because it was too hot for a jacket and figured this would keep me somewhat dry. It's also a thin material that would dry quickly, should it get wet. Then I chose strappy sandals. I knew my feet would get wet, but at least the shoes are strapped on, so I should be good. The only downside to wearing sleeves and jeans was the sheer heat! I was literally sweating buckets just standing at the bus stop. At least with the busy pattern of the shirt, the sweat didn't show. I'll take that small victory right now...

Shirt: Banana Republic | Jeans: Banana Republic (similar) | Belt: Smart Set (similar) | Earrings: Callura (similar) | Sandals: Bamboo (similar)  

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