19 Jan 2018


What's big, fluffy and can only be seen during periods of heavy snowfall? Why this faux-fur vest, of course! I swear, I feel like Fluffafluffagus when I wear this thing. It is huge! People are always trying to pet it, it'd odd... I really only wear it on the coldest days because it is seriously warm. I assure you it is all faux, but that doesn't mean it's less warm. As far as layers go, this one is the ultimate beast! It definitely does not fit under any coat, so I've resigned myself to wearing it over my coats. Why not? It really gives your coat an extra boost and I see it as a very stylish trick to breathe new life into your outerwear. I also use this tactic with lighter jackets and vests. It's unexpected and will for sure earn you some major style points!

Seeing as my fuzzy layer is the star of the show today, I kept the rest of the look basic with leggings and a flannel plaid shirt. Basic and comfortable layers. I did sneak in a pop of colour with my fuchsia knit mittens. These babies are a recent addition to my closet. My mom dropped them off as a surprise from my grandma. Nothing, and I mean nothing, beats receiving hand-knitted mittens from a grandma. It is hands-down the best feeling in the world! It's like wrapping your cold fingers in a love hug! Plus, the colour palette is totally on point!

Shirt: Old Navy | Faux-fur Vest: H&M (similar) | Leggings: Dynamite (other colour) | Earrings: Northern Reflections (similar) | Coat: Esprit (similar) | Scarf: (gift) (similar) | Mittens: (handmade) (similar) | Tuque: Dynamite (similar) | Boots: Henri Pierre (similar)

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