29 Jan 2018

Aztec Polka!

Today's blog title is a bit odd, but let me explain. First things first, I am wearing two distinct prints today: polka dot and Aztec. So that is the more straight forward explanation. However, we got hit with brutal freezing rain again. I woke up to pebbled windows through which I could no longer see. I hope this gives you a hint on the state of the outdoors. I had to navigate icy terrain to get to the bus stop, and to be honest, it was not graceful. I guess you could say my moves could be likened to some fictional dance that would be the Aztec polka. There is a reason this style of dance in not in existence. It would look like Bambi trying to get his footing on the ice.

Circling back to the outfit. I love a good print-mixing combination and am also a fan of monochromatic looks with a pop of colour. Yeah, this look is basically a mishmash of a bunch of my fav styling techniques. I was originally going to wear black boots, but the weather definitely made me question my first choice. Because it is supposed to get milder (and the freezing rain is supposed to change to regular rain), I figured rubber boots would be better suited. I did add grips to my boots to help keep me on terra firma. I finished off the look with a red lip to tie in with my choice of footwear. So there you have it, a practical look to navigate treacherous terrain!

Blouse: Jacob (similar)| Sweater: Dynamite (similar) | Jeans: Zara (similar) | Belt: Smart Set (similar) | Earrings: Zara (similar) | Boots: Hunter

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