1 Jan 2018

NYE Glitter

So I basically spent NYE at home, by myself. My partner was working a night shift, so I decided to keep it simple and cozy at home. I've always been a bit more of a home-body, or "hermit" as my siblings would say, so I was totally ok with staying in. I decided to spruce up my go-to weekend uniform by adding some glittery bits to my look. The gemstone chandelier earrings, the silver pouch and the glitter sneakers seems to be appropriate for the shiniest night of the year. I am still working on breaking in the sneakers and to be honest, my latest ipsy pouch seemed to be the perfect finishing touch for the outfit. I didn't actually carry it around with me because I was home, but I thought I'd add it in for the pictures! The pouch I've linked below would also be a great NYE option as it says After After Party on it! How perfect would that be? There are also similar options for all the other glittery pieces features in the look.

I tend to get very nostalgic around the new year and was happy to be alone, as it gave me a chance to reflect on the past year and wrap my mind around the fact that it's over and a new one is beginning. I normally find change to be a bit challenging, so I tend to get a little apprehensive about a new year starting. I know it's mostly in my head, but I can't help feeling this way. The feeling usually passes fairly quickly, so by the time I get back into my routine, the feelings will subside. Does anybody else feel funny around New Years?

Sweater: Banana Republic (similar) | Jeans: Second Yoga Jeans | Earrings: Zara (similar) | Pouch: Ipsy (similar) | Shoes: Old Navy (similar)

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