19 Dec 2022

Dressy Festive Layers

Lace, and tartan, and layers, oh my! Feeling really festive in today's tartan layered look. I added a lace blouse and sweater vest to my red tartan Nap Dress and love the final result. Just to break down the layers a bit more, I started with the blouse, then the dress and finished with the sweater vest and belt. I love how the ruffle sleeves peek through the layers and how the puff sleeves of the blouse add an ethereal element. I finished off with my red gem earrings, a fun peppermint purse, a poinsettia brooch and glitter shoes to wrap it all up. This outfit is fun and whimsical while also having a slight vintage feel to it with the sweater vest and brooch. It's got something for every taste!

Dress: Hill House (similar)  | Blouse: Zara (similar)  | Sweater Vest: Nordstrom | Belt: Old Navy (similar)  | Earrings: True Bijoux (similar)  | Brooch: Shoppers (similar)  | Purse: Bath & Body Works (similar)  | Tights: Simons | Shoes: Zara (similar

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