30 Dec 2022

Mimi Takes Five - #230

ONE // Cheers Sweater
I snagged this sweater on clearance at the end of last year, so hadn't really gotten to wear it until this festive season. It's so cute and the gold lettering makes it a bit more of a glamorous Christmas sweater. I also like that the sweater itself is a neutral shade, that helps with its versatility. While it works well for the festive season, it can also be worn at other points in the year for celebratory purposes. It's very comfortable and can easily be dressed up or down, making it a good option for lots of occasion, namely New Year's Eve!

TWO // December Ipsy
This is my first glam bag in a couple months because I decided to skip November. I'm happy with the contents, although it's not the best selection I've ever gotten. While I like the face cleanser, I do find the scent a bit strong but I'm hoping I get used to it. I love the moisturizer and the eyebrow pencil is nice. The eye cream seems to be a good product so far. I'm not into setting powders, so that item's a bit of a bust. I have to say, I was most excited for the add-ons I had chosen. The purple liquid liner is amazing and the heatless curing noodle is also great. I had tried a thicker foam version that didn't work well, but this softer padding with wire is much more comfortable to sleep with. Overall, it's a good bag and I like the bag design, even though it's not as Christamssy as I had hoped it would be. 

THREE // Nutcracker Puzzle
My mom gave me this very festive puzzle when she came up to see the Nutcracker in early December. I finally got around to putting it together this week and it was the best theme for a puzzle during my Christmas break. As much as it's a great, colourful image, I have to say the amount of eye and teeth pieces were a bit off-putting, ha ha! However, once I put together a few of the "faces" it was easier to figure out where they belonged on the puzzle. I always love taking this slow in the week between Christmas and New Year and a puzzle always feels right.

FOUR // Velvet Mary-Jane Flats
My mom got me these adorable velvet pointed toe Mary-Jane flats and they are the perfect addition to my wardrobe. As much as I love heels, a good pair of comfortable flats is hard to beat, especially for gatherings during the holidays. They are not as formal as heels but not as casual as slippers. To me, they are the perfect happy medium for casual indoor gatherings. I found these classic beauties at a brick and mortar Old Navy, but have never been able to find them online... Not sure what's going on with that, but it makes me extra happy that I got them when I did! There is a similar pair on the website, but it's not the Mary-Jane style.

FIVE // That 90s Show
I am so looking forward to That 90s Show! My husband and I are both fans of That 70s Show and watched it more than once. I'm really excited for a spin-off show set in the decade in which I grew up, ha ha! We'll be seeing a lot of familiar faces and settings with Red and Kitty Forman as well as their recognizable basement. However, they are grand-parents now and will be interacting with their grand-daughter (I'm assuming this is Eric and Donna's kid) and her new set of friends. I can't wait for January 19!

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