2 Dec 2022

Mimi Takes Five - #226

ONE // Christmas Decorating
After being sick for just about three weeks, I was finally feeling better this past weekend. Since I was feeling better, I needed to catch up on a lot of things that needed doing. I started with some house cleaning and dishes, then moved on to finally storing our patio furniture for the winter (luckily the first snow had all melted), then I tackled the Christmas decorating. And that was just the Saturday! My Sunday was just as productive and I got a lot of menial tasks done as well. While I'm happy I got the house all decorated for the holidays (just in time for my mom and aunt to visit this weekend), I did fall behind on my card making this year. By fall behind, I mean haven't even started... Those three weekends of being sick really set me back. I've decided I'd simply scale back the number of cards I make this year. It'll have to do. 

TWO // Tartan Nap Dresses
My most recent Nap Dress acquisitions are these two fabulous tartans! It's no secret that I'm a big fan of all things tartan and plaid, so these new releases were right up my alley. Back in 2019, Hill House had released a Black Watch Nap Dress and I know that it is a print often searched for in the Nap Dress community. Thankfully, this print was brought back this year and it's actually a proprietary print this time around. So is the red tartan. This means that these specific iterations of these tartans are only available at Hill House. I think it also means that should a print be re-released in the future, it will be the exact same as past prints, which allows for greater brand recognition and continuity. Not to worry though, I didn't sleep on the tartan release and got both! The rate at which I wear tartan means that I can guarantee these beauties will be getting lots of wear during the holidays and beyond.

THREE // Afternoon Tea
After a few years of not working in person, it's nice to get back to some of our usual traditions. My colleagues and I like to go for Afternoon Tea at the Château Laurier as our festive outing. We are all big tea drinkers, so this activity has always seemed like a good fit. Besides, the castle is so magical this time of year and the setting creates such a relaxing and cozy ambiance. To me, there is nothing better than good conversations in a beautiful setting with a warm beverage and delectable bites. I always feel so sophisticated when having afternoon tea, ha ha! I had been looking forward to this outing and it turned out exactly as expected. Let the Christmas parties begin!

FOUR // Add-vent Calendar
I've been keeping up with my daily equation solving to flex my math muscles. I've never been a big fan of math, and don't usually do math for fun. But I try to force myself to do the Nerdle most days and find it's helping me use the numbers part of my brain. For the month of December, we get the Add-vent calendar! This actually makes me excited to solve an equation. The format is you start with a festive word and solve it from there. I've only done the first one so far, but have enjoyed it and will try to remember to do them every day. I solved the day 1 problem in two shots, so that's encouraging!

FIVE //Corner Punch
I've been looking forward to using this new corner punch I got for scrapbooking. A corner punch has been on my wishlist for a while. It's such a simple little tool, but rounding off corners really gives a new look to my cards. It softens the harsh square edges. Not that I mind square edges, but it'll be nice to have different corner options to choose from and add variety to my designs. This particular punch has three different rounded corner options, adding even more versatility. I will definitely be using this punch with my Christmas cards this year - that is, if I ever get around to actually making said cards...

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