23 Dec 2022

Mimi Takes Five - #229

ONE // Christmas Sign
My mom gifted me this craft kit last Christmas. While I made the sign, I hadn't really gotten to enjoy it much before tucking it away with my other decorations. I was so happy when I put it up this year. I love the simplicity of the sign and its rustic look. I'm also a big fan of the Buffalo plaid bow that finishes it up perfectly. It has pride of place on our sideboard under the television and I get to enjoy it every day. I find handmade décor to be the most sentimental and meaningful. 

TWO // Plaid Purse
Boy do I have a story about this bag! I had spotted this Forever 21 bag years ago and it has been on my mind ever since. I thought I'd find a similar one at some point, but never have. So, I decided to scope out Poshmark to see if one was listed. I found one and immediately hit Buy Now. Sadly, the seller got back to me saying it has already been sold. I was disappointed. However, I tried another place. I'm part of a Nap Dress Facebook group and find the members very nice and helpful so I posted that I was on the search for this specific Forever 21 purse. The response was amazing! Turns out there was one for sale on the U.S. Poshmark and this wonderful member of the group said she would buy it and ship it to me! How wonderful is that? She purchased the bag right away and messaged me the details. She kept in touch throughout the entire process! When she received the bag, she inspected it to make sure everything was in order and decided to repackage it as she thought the packaging was inadequate. She even went so far as getting the shipping cost as low as possible to accommodate me. I mean, I was blown away by this stranger's willingness to help me and so grateful for all her help in getting me this adorable plaid purse! The purse is everything I hoped it would be and now it means so much because of its journey. There are still some really great people out there!

THREE // Fair Isle Cardigan
Last year, late in December, I got a red and white version of this Fair Isle cardigan and absolutely love it! It's classically Christmas and the cardigan style makes it slightly more versatile and dressed up than a traditional Christmas sweater. Was I ever happy to see they brought back this beloved style this year, but in a less Christmassy version! I adore the burgundy and navy snowflake pattern and think I'll get more wear out of this one as I can easily wear it throughout the winter months. It also happens to be a great match for a few of my Nap Dresses. So, yeah, I'll be wearing it a lot...

FOUR // Christmas Tree Brooch
I'm a lover of brooches. I know they are not everyone's cup of tea, but I just love the vintage and slight kitschy feel they have. My mom used to wear a lot of thematic pins and brooches, so maybe that's inspired me. Either way, I've amassed a small collection of them and lean towards festive styles the most. I already have a nutcracker, a poinsettia and a snowflake, but I recently added this adorable Christmas tree! It's so perfect and fits the style of my other brooches so I'm very happy with this acquisition!

FIVE // Dog Christmas Sweater
By this point, my dog has almost as many sweaters as I do... Not really, but she does have a pretty extensive collection. And to think, we've only been getting her sweaters for a year now. She does get a lot of wear out of them and truly enjoys wearing them. It's just a bonus that she looks adorable in them too. Even though she has many options, she didn't have a straight up Christmas option, so I got her this adorable deer sweater on Black Friday. It's not an ugly Christmas sweater, it's a super cute one. Truth be told, she makes any sweater look cute.

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