9 Dec 2022

Mimi Takes Five - #227

ONE // Peppermint Purse
My soft spot for cute thematic purses got hit hard when I clapped eyes on this delectable bag! I spotted it when shopping with my mom and sister in early November and it was an immediate add to cart! I mean, could this shimmery peppermint candy bag be any cuter? It's giving me major Kate Spade whimsical vibes, but you'll never guess where it's from. I kid you not, this perfect purse is from Bath & Body Works! I think it's technically a cosmetic bag, but it comes with a cross-body strap. So to me, that's a big indication it's really meant to be a purse. I suppose it could be used for cosmetics, but I will definitely be using it as a purse. It'll be sure to add just the right amount of sweetness to all of my holiday looks! Cindy-Lou Who?

TWO // The Nutcracker
It was a girl's day out at the ballet last weekend! My mom, aunt and I went to a performance of The Nutcracker ballet by Les Grands Ballets Canadiens at the National Art Centre. We had planned this months ago and had been looking forward to it ever since. I think this was my fourth time seeing a Nutcracker production and the magic of it gets me every time. This was a first for both my mom and aunt and it was a real treat to see them discover it for the first time. There truly is no better activity to get you in the Christmas spirit. We got all dressed up and made it a big outing. We started with a matinée followed by happy hour and dinner at the Albions Rooms, which has very laid-back lounge setting, perfect for catching up over a festive drink and charcuterie board. It's always a fun time hosting family over and making plans to give us a reason to get together!

THREE // Tartan Flannel
Nothing beats a good tartan flannel shirt in any self-respecting Canadian's wardrobe. I mean, it's a literal rite of passage. I already own more tartan flannels than I care to disclose, but I simply needed this perfect Christmas colourway. Old Navy nailed their tartan colours this year, so you have to get them while they're hot. I don't make the rules, I just follow them. This beauty has been added to the closet and fits right in. No regrets!

FOUR // Sugar Pear Fairy Tea
I did something a little different this year and did not get my usual 24 days of tea advent calendar. I hadn't gotten it last year because I was on the David's Tea subscription box and got all the new flavours of the season in my Christmas box. I still have a lot of tea at home and the selection is still very diverse. So I opted to skip the calendar again this year. However, I did scope out the new flavours and decided to get at least one new one to try. I opted for the Sugar Pair Fairy as it's an herbal tea, perfect to enjoy in the evenings. It's quite nice! It has a delicate sweet flavour with a subtle pear taste. I've really been enjoying it to cozy up during the darker days. Ha, it actually just occurred to me that the name is a word play on Sugar Plum Fairy from The Nutcracker! How's that for coincidence?

FIVE // Festive Cushion Covers
I actually got these festive cushion covers on clearance last year and finally got to put them out this Christmas season. I have a couple couch cushions and wanted a quick and easy way of making them more festive. Swapping out cushion covers is just the thing. I popped them on my cushions and love how well they go with the rest of my décor. What I like most is that they are low-key festive - it's subtle,  simple all-over print in seasonal colours. My husband says he actually likes them because they have a cottage vibe. Getting my husband's stamp of approval is a big win for the covers! Also, at the end of the season, I just pop them off and put them in my decoration bins. Storing covers on their own takes up way less space than storing whole cushions. Work smarter, not harder!

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